Cooking With Fresh Herbs

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Cooking With Fresh Herbs

Cooking With Fresh Herbs 2018

Growing your own herbs is the easy part—they’re forgiving, adaptable, and very prolific! But then what do you do with all of them? Let Cooking with Fresh Herbs magazine give you the scoop on all the fantastically flavored foods you can make with your fresh herbs. Each popular herb gets its own mini-story here with growing tips, fun new varietals, and recipes that best showcase the herbs flavor (think basil, thyme, parsley, tarragon, sage, and more). In the next section, the fun keeps growing with stories such as a DIY tea garden, growing your own specialty pesto pots, baking with herbs, herbal cocktails, herbal jams and jellies, a deep dive on herbal roots such as tumeric, and of course, how to best preserve your herbs by drying and freezing. There’s no better way to add flavor to your summer recipes than with fresh-from-the-garden herbs.

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