Garden Basics

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Garden Basics

Garden Basics 2017

Targeted to millennials but certainly appealing to beginning gardeners of all ages, Garden Basics walks readers through all the basics for creating a garden of one’s own with content and tips tailored to readers’ personality type: the organic activist (Gabby Mae Oleander), the edible gardener (Brassica DeVotay), the hire-it-or-buy-it-yourselfer (Benny Cumberbun), the small-space gardener (Anita Newhouse), the avid DIYer (H. Andy Daniels). In a sassy but friendly voice, Garden Basics walks readers through the most popular garden basics: seed starting, container gardening, growing edibles, raised beds, indoor houseplants, and more. To get started, readers will take a quiz to determine their garden personality and we’ll help them with next steps to getting their green side up.

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